Knife Superstition

Knife Superstition
March 13, 2017 ggtbwhadmin

I broke a kitchen knife the other week. After the initial shock of losing a friend and wondering how many carrots we had chopped together, I thought “This must mean something!”.  So started asking round if folk had any superstitions about a broken and it brought out some fascinating which I hope you enjoy!

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#1 To dream of a broken knife indicates big decisions to be made.

#2 A knife on the table in a storm will draw lightening into the home.

#3 Hundreds of years ago, people believed that placing a knife across another piece of cutlery was a sign of witchcraft.

#4 Sticking a knife into a cradle’s headboard was believed to protect the infant.

#5 Thrusting a knife into a doorframe is also believed to provide protection in the room.


#6: Placing a knife under the bed of a woman giving birth is believed to ease labour.
#7: Apparently in Greece, putting a knife under your pillow is believed to prevent bad dreams.
#8: Giving a knife to someone will cause their relationship to be cut.


#9 Exchanging money for the gift of a knife prevents the end of the relationship between giver and receiver.


#10 A small coin taped to the blade of a gifted knife, to be returned to the giver as “payment”, prevents relationship breakdown.


#11 The Vikings believed that gifting a knife to someone implies that the receiver isn’t able to buy himself a good enough knife, so he has to be given the knife for free. So, to avoid insult, Vikings would “sell” a knife to a friend for a small copper coin.
#12 Never stir anything using your knife – it brings bad luck.


#13 I was reminded of the rhyme to help you remember: stir with a knife and stir up strife.


#14 Bad luck “stirred up” by a knife is believed to mean bad luck involving pain and (specifically) stitches.
#15 Two knives crossed will cause an argument. It is believed that uncrossing them immediately will prevent a quarrel from happening.
#16 Some folk believe a knife is not yours unless it’s “bitten” you (tasted your blood).


#17 Another superstition suggests that when a knife falls to the ground, a man will soon visit.


#18 Once a knife has drawn its owner’s blood, it shouldn’t be sold or traded with anyone else.


#19 One superstition stated that a knife that has “bitten” its owner will stay sharp longer.
#20 It is said that you should never close or sheath a knife if it was open/drawn by someone else.


#21 Bad things are foretold if a knife falls and sticks into the floor.
#22 In Iceland, a knife dropped while cleaning fish will land pointing in the direction of the next good haul.


#23 A fisherman’s knife, accidentally dropped, that lands with the point facing inland tells that the fisherman will not catch anything the next time he goes to sea.


#24 Getting a knife as a gift from your lover means that your love will end.

#25 A knife made of steel is believed to protect you against curses and fairies.  (Love the phrase “curses and fairies”!)
#26 In Finland, the gift of a a knife given as a gift is a sign of respect.


#27 Traditionally in Finland a knife is given to trusted employees or contacts as a sign of trust


#28 Knifes should always anded to some be presented to with the handle first to signify trust and friendly intentions.
#29 It is considered bad luck to say the word “knife” while at sea.
#30 One old wives’ tale tells you if your future partner will be dark or fair by spinning it around. If the handle points at you your beau will be fair. If it points away they will be dark.
#31 Another common superstition is that you should never put a combat knife back into its sheath if it hasn’t drawn blood because it will fail you in battle.
#32 In some parts of America, people believe that sharpening any blade after the sun goes down is bad luck.
#33 Some hunters believe that the knife you use to kill game (not dress it) should never be handled by a woman.
#34 Slicing hot bread with a knife will cause the bread goes stale quickly.


#35 Superstition says that piercing bread baked by a pregnant woman with a knife may cause the baby’s eyes to be poked out.
#36 If you cross your knife and spoon after eating, you are indicating that you didn’t enjoy the meal you’re wishing the cook to have bad luck.
#37 To make sure that a pregnant woman will give birth to a boy, the husband needs to stick a knife into the mattress of her bed.
#38 In China, it is believed that sleeping on a bed with knives under it will scare away evil spirits.
#39 A knife laying with the blade pointing up means that murderers are being born! It’s certainly dangerous.
#40 In the Philippines, knife owners believe in coating the blade with their blood if they accidentally cut themselves with it.


I’ve loved collating these, thank you to everyone who contributed.  Handling the volumes of cutlery that we do at Gorgeous Tableware means knives do get dropped and it’s always bad news as they have to be cleaned again.  However, this list will have the team frightened to handle knives at all if they think about it too much.  Better keep them busy by placing your order for tableware with